Working Together to Put Small Businesses First

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VizyPay and Shoreline Credit Union have Come Together in Partnership

VizyPay was founded by small business owners, so we strive to look out for other small business owners. We believe in transparency and understand the struggles that small business owners endure daily. Knowing this, VizyPay and Shoreline Credit Union came together because we can provide the best value for our customers. Shorline's knowledge of the financial services needed to run a successful business and VizyPay's programs, technology, and top-rated service, together are the right choice! Together our companies create the perfect partnership to help ensure that your business thrives!

What's in it for you?

Well, other than working with two companies that can offer you a complete package of tools, services, technology, and knowledge. When you partner with VizyPay and Shoreline Credit Union, you will get unique solutions built specifically for your business. 

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Streamline Operations with Innovative Technology
  • Eliminate 100% of Processing Fees
  • Dedicated Customer Service 
  • Direct Deposit and Automatic Withdrawal
  • Access to Business Loans
  • No Checking or Savings Fees
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Cash Discount Savings Calculator

Monthly Credit Card Volume

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Savings based on our hybrid program

Potential Savings

This is an estimate based on the information provided (Based on 3% effective rate and 50% of volume for debit, savings based on credit card sales). Per Occurrence fees will still apply. Learn More

Fill out the form and our team will help you find the best options for your business!

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